Kilt Farm CSA is Closed for the 2014 Season

There are so many moving parts in running a farm and many of these parts and pieces need to be in place long before the seeds go in the ground. I have been working really hard to put all of the pieces in place so as to have a successful farming season this year. Some of the pieces that I have been managing are the business planing, marketing, labor, field planning and land management. It has been a wild ride and after digging deeper into the land that I was looking to farm this year I have decided to pause and look for different land. This pause is going to take Kilt Farm out of the CSA picture for 2014 but I feel that I will be better positioned to provide a high quality product next year.

It is my goal to grow food in a way that is not only healthy for the soil, for the folks that eat it but also for my staff and I to grow. Please do continue to follow Kilt Farm on Facebook and Twitter, because the journey is not over, it has just begun and will be an amazing beautiful ride!

I look forward to sharing the journey of local farming and the bounty of the Earth with you and your family.

Michael Moss, your farmer


Michael at sunrise