About Kilt Farm

Kilt Farm, why we are different.

Orangeglow watermelon


Some people think that wearing a kilt in the field is enough to make us different from the rest of the farms in Boulder County. I agree with this but it is just the start. Kilt Farm stands apart from the rest of Boulder County with our focus on soil and plant health. This focus helps us produce the best tasting, sweetest, most nutritious food around.

When we look at a farm, some people see vast fields of dirt, but not Kilt Farm. We see the soil as one of the most vibrant ecosystems that goes unnoticed almost everyday. In just a tablespoon of soil there are billions of organisms. If all of these billions of organisms are vibrant and healthy the relationship between the soil and the plant helps insure healthy plants. There is a symbiotic relationship between the soil and the plants that goes way beyond NPK fertilizers. The plants feed the soil biology which in turn breaks down the minerals in the soil and makes it available for the plants. If our crops have all of the minerals and nutrients needed to be healthy, we have almost no disease or pest pressure in the fields.

Kilt Farm uses compost tea to build the soil biology. Compost tea is a living soil supplement that is much like a probiotic supplement that we might take to boost our digestive health. The Compost Tea builds a stronger soil biology every time we use it to feed the soil. This blend of compost, molasses, kelp and sea water provides the soil biology the foundation of good health. A vibrant and alive soil supports vibrant healthy plants. This is a truly virtuous cycle that builds every day of the season to create healthy plants and healthier eaters.

You may not find us at every farmers market but you will see us at more and more restaurants and grocery stores around Boulder County. We hope that you can join our CSA our find our produce around town. We want to make sure that our community is healthier every season after eating our food.

Kilt Farm grows the healthiest food to ensure we have the healthiest community.