Why Join A CSA?

Here are the top four reasons to join your local CSA:

  1. High quality, fresh local produce: We build healthy soil which nurtures strong plants that produce nutrient dense vegetables. Your produce is freshly harvested within days of it being on your plate. You simply can’t find food this good anywhere else.
  2. Be part of your food source: You have your own farmer and know exactly where and how your food is grown. You are invited to join us out at your farm for events or simply to get your hands dirty.
  3. Source of inspiration: You can find the solution to “what’s for dinner?” in your veggie box. We grow a variety of fun and delicious vegetables that you’d never find in your grocery store. Your fresh vegetables may even be to be the inspiration for their meals each week. And you’ll always be eating in season.
  4. Supporting local small scale agriculture: Small farms like us are the future of sustainable food. Your investment in our farm helps kick start our season when our costs are greatest.

Your CSA Dollars are spent on seeds, potting mix, soil amendments, start of season infrastructure projects, running the greenhouse, early season employee wages and more.

Mid-Summer Family CSA Share