Holy Cow, you go Kiva Zip

Holy Cow, you go Kiva Zip


Blown Away by your support!

It was incredible watching the Kilt Farm Kiva Zip Loan accelerate over the past few days. It was a slow start three months ago when I launched the Kiva Zip Loan to buy a tractor, but over the last week people poured in from all over the world. 275 lenders from as far away as China, Indonesia and Europe plus from all over the US helped fund this loan.

The Kiva Zip program allows small entrepreneurs in the US and Kenya apply for a zero interest loans. These loans are then funded by Kiva Members from all over the world but the most successful loans have a large component of lenders from the entrepreneurs own social network. I know what made my loan fund so quickly, with 22 days to spare, was the depth of support from my friends throughout the County. I had 39 folks out of my local and extended network loan to the fund. This allowed for a huge amount of matching, dollar for dollar, to so many of the lenders from around the world. What a way to leverage social media and my network.

A big round of applause to everyone who helped make this $10,000 zero percent loan happen. You all rock! This summer will be amazing, and incredibly productive, due to your support.

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