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Michael at sunrise

Michael Moss at Kilt Farm

As soon as I was old enough to be more of a help than a hindrance I was out in the gardens with my Father and brothers. I had my hands dirty pulling weeds, hauling manure and helping in any way I could. It was wonderful being surrounded by the natural beauty of Florida, my childhood home. While those chores were not on the top of my fun list as a child, I developed a deep connection to the earth and what can grow with constant attention and hard work. Now many years later I have worked with big and small farms across Colorado in order to ensure that local food is available to local communities and now from that inspiration, I run Kilt Farm.

As an intern in the Farmer Cultivation Center in Niwot, Colorado it felt like I was receiving a Master’s Degree in farming where I started Kilt Farm in 2013.  During the 2014 growing season I worked with Mark Guttridge at Ollin Farms in all aspects of the operation and felt blessed to learn so much from an amazing Farmer.  In this past off-season I have continued to learn and grow as farmer by attending the Young Farmers National Conference and taking workshops from Farm Leadership, Farm Food Safety, and Bionutrient Food Production. I’m excited to grow food again this year and continue developing the vision and reach of Kilt Farm.

I believe it is vitally important for us to consume healthy, nutrient dense foods in order to maintain our own health and wellbeing. While local food production provides food security in an ever complex and global food supply we must take great strides to protect not only our access to food but the land that provides so much for us. This year, I will be growing over 100 varieties of vegetables so you can eat an amazing seasonal diet that makes you feel great and may even stretch your culinary imagination.

Kilt FarmOver the next ten years it is my plan to introduce additional facets to the farm so that I can grow or raise all of the food that a family will need. I look forward to having you to come out to the farm and see where the soil is rich, the vegetables are grown, the bees do their work and how all of this activity feeds not only you but also our local community.

I raise a fork to sharing amazing, delicious and nutritious food with you.

Michael Moss