Can I volunteer on the farm?

We love having volunteers join us on the farm. We start the day early when it is cool and make the most of our time together. After working a five-hour shift, we will send you home with a share of the harvest or credit for food later in the season. Please contact contact Michael to get set up for a volunteer shift.

We also make calls  out on Facebook if we need lots of help, so make sure you follow us.

What if I can not make my pick up time?

Our pick up sites are self-service so coming during the pick up time is highly recommended. If you can not make it during the pick up time, please let us know and we can arrange to have your share left out overnight or make special arrangements. Any shares not picked up will be donated the following day.

If you are out-of-town, please have someone pick up your share for you so that none of the amazing food goes to waste.

What kind of varieties can I expect in my share?

Through out the growing season we like to provide a nice assortment of vegetables, every week. You will see tomatoes and not just the red table varieties but also heirlooms, cherry and beautiful black salad tomatoes. The same goes with a solid mainstay like the potato; you will see, throughout the fall, yellow, purple, red and gold potatoes. I will be providing recipes all summer long for the traditional vegetables and the unique alike. Here is an example of what we have grown in the past: 2018 Crop Varieties.

Can I split shares? 

If you feel a share is to big for you we have created the bi-weekly share that allows you to not feel so pressured by the amount of produce coming into the kitchen. If you like the idea of sharing, the family share works great. You can either split the pick up every other week or you can split the shares up each week. Please take care of this arrangement between you and your friends. The pick up sites are self-service so talking the produce home and splitting it up is best for everyone.

Do you have payment plans?

We do allow you to put down a deposit on your shares and then allow you to pay the rest of the share by March. You can select this option from the Registration page or when you send in your paper registration and deposit check. Paying in full supports the work of the farm and we are offering a bonus for folks that do pay in full. Either way, we want to make sure you eat great food this summer.