Nutrient-dense produce, picked to your preferences

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) provides a direct connection between households and farmers. Locals become “members” of a farm by purchasing produce in advance of the growing season. As a CSA member you share in both the bounty and the risk of the farm.

Late Spring Share
Late Spring Share
Summer Share
Summer Share
Fall Share

1) Select Your Share

Select the right vegetable share for you: Regular or Family size, weekly or bi-weekly pickup. Options to add-on eggs, fruit and more.

2) We Grow Your Food

You are now a member of Kilt Farm! We use your advance payment to buy seeds and begin growing your food.

3) You Eat Vibrant Food This Summer

Early June, our CSA begins. For 20 weeks, you’ll receive an share of the bountiful vegetables we’ve grown for you.

Partnering with Harvie

We have partnered with Harvie to provide our CSA members with customizable shares optimized to your preferences. Harvie helps us with the back end of CSA Management to match what we have available with your preferences. They also handle payments, vacation hold scheduling and more which means we can focus on growing the best food for you.

Get started now on Harvie!

Why Is Kilt Farm's CSA Special?

We believe that healthy soil grows healthy food which, in turn, helps us be healthy. We focus on nourishing out soil so you can have the highest quality produce in Boulder County. Nutrient dense produce tastes amazing and also lasts far longer in your kitchen.

Customized boxes will allow you to select vegetable preferences at sign-up and then customize each week based on our harvest. If you don’t like beets, you’ll never get them in your share. We are the only farm in Colorado offering this level of customization!

At Kilt Farm, we grow over 50 different types of vegetables and over 100 varieties. You’ll never get the same things in your box two weeks in a row. We harvest whatever is at it’s peak ripeness during the season for your share, ensuring that you eat seasonally and have the most flavorful and nourishing food possible.

Summer is a busy time for us all. Through Harvie, you can easily reschedule your delivery/pickup so you don’t miss out on your share if your are out of town.

If you are unable to pay in full when you sign up (we know, it can be a lot) we offer a payment plan to spread the expense over the course of the season.

CSA 2023 Dates

  • Week of June 6th – Week of October 17th
  • 20 Total Weeks
  • Tuesday & Wednesday Pickups
  • Wednesday – Home Deliveries

Pickup Locations

  • Niwot
  • Gunbarrel
  • North Boulder
  • Downtown Boulder
  • East Boulder
  • South Boulder
  • Louisville
  • Denver zip codes: 80238, 80207, 80220, 80205, 80211, 80209, 80204, 80218 only (in partnership with Pinemelon)
  • Home Delivery Available  ($10/wk)

Join CSA

Member Benefits

Our community members receive:

  • High quality, fresh local produce
  • Continuous culinary inspiration
  • Special farm events and workshops
  • Joy in supporting local small scale organic agriculture

Farm Benefits

Your CSA payments fund:

  • Spring infrastructure projects
  • Early season wages
  • Seeds & potting soil
  • Soil amendments
  • Compost tea

Regular ShareMost Popular
$36/weekFeeds 2-4 people
  • ~5-7 varieties of vegetables per share
  • Certified Organic
  • Weekly or Every Other Week pick up options
  • Delivery Available
Family Share
$48/weekFeeds 4-6 people
  • ~6-10 varieties of vegetables per share
  • Certified Organic
  • Weekly or Every Other Week pick up options
  • Delivery Available
$5 & UpAdd these to your regular pickups
  • Fruit Share: $28/week
  • Craft Pasta (1#): $9/week
  • Hazel Del Mushrooms: $8/week
  • Flower Bouquets: $16/week